Welcome to My Life


My name is Nina. 25 Years old. NY->OK. Future USMC wife to the most incredible man in the world, Russell. Wedding date 5.24.15! Mama to Tank, our Olde English Bulldogge. Natural Bikini Athlete. I decided to start a blog as a way for family and friends to follow our journey and as a way to answer the health and fitness questions I frequently get.

Taken from Mt. Scott, OK
Taken from Mt. Scott, OK

Currently we live in Lawton, OK. Russell is a 1st Lt. going to Artillery School in Fort Sill until mid March ( Cant wait!!!! )  As I often tell people, OK is OK.  It is definitely not as bad as I anticipated. Its also not that exciting. Besides the occasional trip to Mt Scott or the animal refuge…not a whole lot to do.

Russell is stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA and we plan on living in San Clemente in March. We applied for a house in the military housing community of San Mateo Point. Not going to lie, the thought of having our own house overwhelmed me just a bit at first ( Read: A LOT.) The fear of “growing up” terrified me until i realized, I’ve already done it. I am grown. Im 25 years old, have two degrees, and will be married at the end of May. Grown. Its already done and I’m handling it just fine. I will keep everyone updated on the status of our housing. We are currently 11th on the waiting list for a house in this community. 

Tank people watching in OK
Tank people watching in OK
My family
My family

Moving here was one of my best decisions yet. Being with my little family every single day is the greatest thing. I miss NY and family and friends but these two boys are my whole world and I am so fortunate for the opportunity to be together, who knows what the future may bring in this crazy military life.


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